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How can I see total sales for a specific city?
How can I see total sales for a specific city?

Here's how you can customize your project list to quickly generate contract totals for a specific city.

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First, ensure you've got the columns you need set on your project list. For example, Contract Total will give you the totals for all signed contracts & the Venue Column to confirm results. You can learn more about adding Custom Columns to your project list here.

Next, click 'More Search Options' on the left.

Then, type in the name of the City you'd like to view in 'Venue'.

Quick note: this will generate results for any matching street, city, county, state.

Finally, to view the Contract Totals for those areas, hover over the Contract Total column to see a sum for all of those projects.

Optional steps:

  • You may want to include 'Archived Projects' in these results. (Learn how)

  • You can download this to excel if you need to provide this list to another party. (Learn how)

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