I want to know how far my team has gotten on prepping for the weekend's events.

Add the 'Pull Sheet' and 'Task Tracker' Custom Columns.

I want to know who owes me money and how much.

Add the 'Billing Status' and 'Amount Due' Custom Columns.

Pro Tip: Hover over the title to see the column's total!

I want to see all the projects I have coming up and the totals for each.

Add the 'Sales Lead' and 'Contract Totals' Custom Columns.

I want to see if my team completed the pull sheet, checked the orders for damages, and who was responsible for the delivery.

Add the 'Pull Sheet', 'Fulfillment Status', and 'Fulfillment Notes' Custom Columns.

I want to see all the items going out, where they're going, and when the delivery is.

Add the 'Line Items', 'Venue', and 'Logistics Start' Custom Columns.

I want to see how how many outstanding quotes a member of my team has and see the last time they followed up with the client.

Select the blue “Quote Sent” selection, and then select your teammate from the “Sales Lead” drop down menu on the left side of the page. You can then select “Sales Lead,” “Last Message Sent,” and “Last Message Opened” from your Custom Columns.

I want to see all the upcoming projects at a particular venue.

There are two ways you can view upcoming events at a venue.

First, you can add the “Venue,” “Logistics Start,” and “Event Start” to your custom columns. If you click any of the column headers, you can sort by that selection (e.g. by “Venue” or “Logistics Start”). This will allow you to see a broad overview of what’s coming up.

The second way gives you a more specific view of your Projects. Within the left-side menu, select the dates you’d like to view (e.g. “Next 7 Days”). Then, you can type in your venue name in the “Venue” box.

I want to see all my in store pick up orders for the week.

First, select your time frame (e.g. “Next 7 Days”) and the logistics type (e.g. “In-Store”) from the drop down menus on left side of the page. You can also add your “Logistics Start” and “Logistics End” to your Custom Columns, so your team knows when to expect your clients.

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