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Adding General Services to Inventory
Adding General Services to Inventory

How to add general, intangible services to inventory.

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To add a general service, select the "Add Service" option and then click "General Services". General Services are always intangible.

Select the desired service type from the dropdown menu and enter the name of the specific service. 

Explore the pricing structures and decide between Hourly, Percent of Order, or Flat Fee pricing. Fill in the cost information to meet your desired rates. Proceed to add tax-types and press "Save & Continue". 

Choose "Browse Files" and select your desired image from your computer. Choose a high quality image that well represents your service.

Once uploaded, you may edit the image by selecting the pencil tool, or finish the process by selecting "Save & Close".

The service will then be successfully added to your inventory. Click "Add Service" to start the process again for another service type.

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