In-Store is one of two types of Logistics Services that can be added to a contract. These are important because they determine when items are checked back into your inventory.

In-Store Logistics need to be set if you allow clients to pickup and/or return items to your business themselves.

To add In-Store Logistics, proceed to Inventory > Services> Add Service.

General Information

Description: Use the description for any notes you want clients to see about your hours, location, or items they need to bring with them

List on marketplace: If "Yes" is selected, the service will become public on the marketplace. Select "No" to keep the service internal.

Pricing: If you don’t charge for in-store pickup/return, simply set the flat price at $0. Or, you may choose to add a flat fee for this service.

If you need to add a tax, use the drop down menu to select a previously created tax type. Select "Save & Continue" to add an image.

To locate an image, select "Browse Files" then upload the image.

You may edit, crop, resize, and more using the pencil feature on the bottom of the image. Select "Save & Close" when complete and the service will be successfully added.

For a quick review of logistics in Goodshuffle Pro, check out the video below.

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