How to Change the Item Description on Your Website

Here's how you can change or update an item's description on your website via the Website Integration.

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To change an item's description as it appears on your website, simply head to the edit item page for that inventory item (or package).

Uncheck the box labeled "Use Contract Description" (the default) next to "eCommerce Description"

The text box will then open for editing, and you can write a description to appear on your website.

Some reasons you might opt for a different eCommerce description include:

  • Utilizing more keywords for increased SEO

  • Using sales language such as "This item is popular for graduation parties" (which might not make sense on a contract that's not a graduation event)

  • Suggesting other items that are popular to book with that item such as "Also looks great with our Winter White Lounge Package"

You can have your website match the contract description by leaving the "Use Contract Description" box checked. With this checked, both your client facing contracts and website will use the same description.

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