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View a Project's Activity Log

How to see what changes were made to a project, when the changes were made, and which team member made them.

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To access your Activity Log for a specific project, first locate the needed project.

After opening the project, navigate to Activity Log. 

Every change made to the project will be projected. The person who made the change, a description of the change, and a specific time stamp will be shown for each.

When would I use the Logs?

A salesperson on your team operates off of commission, but only the totals for the rental items, not the logistics/deliveries.

Your salesperson has been editing the price of the deliveries down and increasing the cost of the rental items, so that the contract total is the same, but their commission will be higher.

You can see who made what changed, on which item, when, and who performed that action for full accountability and transparency.

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