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How to mark an item's warehouse location and sort by it
How to mark an item's warehouse location and sort by it
Learn to sort by warehouse location and add and custom attributes for sorting.
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Create and mark an item by warehouse location

To mark an item by location, begin by either editing your desired product or selecting the Add Product symbol. 

A pop up menu will appear. Scroll down and select Add Attribute. Proceed to select Define Custom Attribute.

Enter "Warehouse Location" or any desired attribute in the box that appears and press save

You will then be able to enter your desired Warehouse Location. When finished select Save & Continue or Save & Close

Filter by warehouse location (or any attribute)

To filter by an attribute, select the blue filter on the top left of your screen.

You will then see options to work by every attribute category created. 

If you need a quick review of attributes, check out the video below!

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