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How can I track the details of my items?
How can I create items that exist in multiple locations?
How can I create items that exist in multiple locations?
Here's how you can create and track inventory items that will live in multiple locations
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Let's say you want to have multiple items, but they are all spread across different warehouses.
By using Batch Add and Pooling you can easily add items that exist across multiple locations.

First thing you want to do is head over to your Inventory and click 'Add Product' and then 'Batch Add'

From here you'll want go through and all the details of your fabulous item.

Now, when you hit Variable or Shared Attributes, make sure you add 'Warehouse' as a variable attribute. Trust me, it's important!

As you go along, you'll be able to add all of the names of your Variable Attribute of 'Warehouse'.

Next up, you can add the amount in each location, as well as the costs (if they would be different)

Now it's time to Pool these puppies!

Select the checkboxes of all the newly created Batch Items, then select 'Pool' in the top right

Now that they've been Pooled, you can click on the Pool to see each of the individual items under 'Members'

Now let's say you want to add these Pooled items to a contract.
When you add the Pooled items you will be able to see how many are available across all warehouses.

If you'd like to see how many are going from each warehouse, you can see that in the Fulfillment Tab!

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