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How to use the Pipe & Drape Builder within a project
How to use the Pipe & Drape Builder within a project

Where to find the pipe and drape builder to help automatically measure how much inventory is needed for a specific set up

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To access the pipe & drape builder, first open up your desired project and navigate to Contract > Add > Custom Item/Package.

This custom item will be your pipe and drape set. For this example we simply named it "Drape Set". Enter the needed information and press save

Scroll down in your list of project items and locate your recently added custom inventory item. Select the three-dot edit symbol on the item and press Add Inventory item- Package.

Scroll down to  Builders and select the Pipe & Drape Builder.

Here you will be able to enter the dimensions of your desired set and the system will automatically use previously added pipe and drape items in your inventory to inform you of the necessary amount of each item you will need to fulfill the sizing. 

Enter your dimensions and select calculate to do this.

Here you will see what the system suggests you use and how much. Here you may still add any extra needed items to the set. To learn how to add inventory items into the Pipe & Drape Builder, click here.

 Select Review Selections to look over the items and then press Add To Contract when ready.

The set will show up under your inventory list for the specific event. The contacts of the set will automatically be hidden from your contract. 

Keep in mind that this custom set will not be added into your actual inventory, but instead just to the specific project it was created for.

Want to know more about how the Pipe & Drape Builder calculates the items needed on your projects?

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