Trade-Show Booths can often come in many different arrangements - here are some common examples:

  • 8ft high in the back, and two 3ft high sides

  • 8ft high in the back, and two 8ft high sides

  • Then there can be multiple combinations of colors for the back and the sides

To get started, please ensure you have all of your Pipe and Drape equipment added into your inventory. You can learn more about entering that information here (Article).

Next, let's build Packages for the different heights of Pipe and Drape that you may offer. In this example, I'm creating a Package for my 3ft Drape.

You can add in the Price for this height and add an image.

When you get to Relations, it's here we'll add in the different parts required to build this structure.

From there, we'll click over to the accessories page, this is where we can add our "variable" items, such as the different colors of drapes for your Pipe & Drape set up.

As a best practice, ensure these optional colors of Drape are 'Nested' and 'Auto-Hidden'

You would then go and build out the other heights of Pipe and Drape that you offer. In my example, I would create another package for my 8ft high Pipe and Drape.

Now it's time to put it all together!

On a project, click add custom item/package, this allows you to build the "shell" of your Pipe & Drape set up with a customized description and image.

Commonly we've seen these types of Custom Packages be priced by their contents. (Article w. Video)

Now that the "shell" is now built. Click the three buttons to the right of the Custom Package, Add item from your inventory, and add in the different heights required for this Booth. In my example above, I've created a Trade-Show Booth with and 8ft high back, and two 3ft high sides.

One final reminder, if you want to hide any items, click the 3 dots next to the item and click the "hide from contract".

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