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First, I'd suggest building your stems into your inventory as individual items using Batch Add (Article w. Video).

Next, on a project, add a Custom Item for the bouquet or arrangement recipe (Article).

If you're wanting to price your recipe by the stems and items included within the recipe, select to price 'By Contents (Client Visible) or (All)'.

Note: the main difference is with pricing by Client Visible Items, your client will only be charged by the items that they can see on their end.

You can see an example in the difference in prices below:

Pricing by All Contents

Pricing by Client Visible Contents

Don't forget to add your custom photos to this recipe!

When you're ready, click to Save this Custom Item.

Now it's time to add the stems (and other items) that will be included in this recipe.

Click the three dots next to the Custom Item and select to 'Add Inventory Item to Package'.

Next, add in the items you'd like included in the recipe.

Finally, you can control which parts of the recipe are shown/hidden to your client. (Article)

Note: anything hidden will still show to your delivery and fulfillment team.

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