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What does my client see when paying through ACH?
What does my client see when paying through ACH?
Here's what your client's experience will be like when they pay through ACH.
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When your client has signed a contract, they can select to pay via credit card or ACH.

ACH payments are essentially e-check or digital transfers from your client's bank. Stripe charges lower transaction fees to ACH payments, but something to keep in mind, it usually takes 3-5 business days for ACH payments to clear (much like a physical check) and then another couple days to be added to a payout. Learn more.

Here are the steps your client will take to pay via ACH.

Your client will then need to quickly and securely login to their bank account through Plaid.

First, they must select the bank they want to login to.

Then, they enter in their login and password information.

Next, they select which account they want to use for the transfer.

Finally, they click to confirm their payment back in Goodshuffle Pro.

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