SEO optimization features require Wishlist version 0.4.3 or later.

Adding the Wishlist integration comes out of the box with improvements to your site's SEO. These improvements are focused on allowing your users to search for sub-pages of a Wishlist Integration. This search specificity will increase the breadth of search terms that will find content on your site. It also increases the chances that your site is the most relevant to the user's search terms.

Our improvements also increase the number of pages detected by search engine crawlers on your site, which will improve your page's SEO optimization overall. Having a high number of internal pages increases the relevance of your pages to a wider variety of search terms. It will also indicate your page is “higher value” to search engine crawlers, making it much more likely to appear in search engine results.

The Wishlist will treat each category and group of a standard <gspro-item-gallery> as a unique page, contributing to the benefits described above.

We even create unique structured data for each item detail page that a user clicks on. Putting this unique item slug in metadata allows users to search for specific items and improves your site SEO as a whole.

We are also making use of Rich Results. You may have noticed Rich Results in your own searching for e.g. movies or recipes. Rich results, with their enhanced visibility features, should make your site much more noticeable on search engine results.

Please note, it can sometimes take many weeks for SEO changes to be reflected in search engine results.

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