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Why did Goodshuffle Pro automatically check my inventory items back in?
Why did Goodshuffle Pro automatically check my inventory items back in?
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Take a look at the very bottom of your screen on a project.

Do you see that horizontal blue line? That’s the project timeline.

This is the perfect way for you and your team to visualize the journey of a project.

You can clearly see when the items are being dropped off, the event is taking place, and when the items are being returned.

As soon as the last point of the project is in the past (typically the pick-up or the in-store return of the items), all the items on this project will be automatically checked back in, marking them as ready to be reused on your other projects.

Why do you automatically check items back in for me?

If you had to manually check in all items, and you just hadn't gotten to it yet, the system would start indicating conflicts everywhere which would make it very impossible to know what conflicts were "real".

We ensure you and your crew would never ‘ignore’ a conflict on an order.

It's faster for your crew to mark what didn't make it back than what did.

False Positive

If you were to manually check items back in, that could result in a false positive.

For example, your crew would see conflicts spread like wildfire on your account while your team is catching up on checking in your orders.

This could result in either ignoring conflict reports, or refusing work/jobs due to projected ‘conflicts'.

“Fire Alarm”

The danger of ignoring conflict alerts is similar to ignoring a fire drill.

Sure, the fire alarm may be a test or not a real ‘fire’, but you should still take action and vacate the building.

If you grow accustomed to ignoring these alarms, as they have been ‘False Positives’ in the past, you run the risk of ignoring an alarm for a very real issue.

What if I don’t want the items checked back in automatically?

You can add project (or inventory) buffers to give your team time to manually check the items back in.

Note: Your other projects will be detecting for conflicts on this project while your team is manually checking these items back in.

Conflicts are one of the most powerful parts of the software and the most essential for our system to get right. If you allow potential for there to be a bunch of these false positives, you remove the most essential feature of the inventory software.

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