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How can I add a buffer time to my items
How can I add a buffer time to my items

Here's how you can add buffer times to take into account cleaning, turn around, or restock time to your inventory subcategories.

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Note: This option is only available to Account Owners or Admins

Do you need to set extra time on your projects to wash and dry your tablecloths, put your tables back on their shelves, or charge your electronics?

From your inventory, click 'Settings'.

From here, you can add Inventory Buffers. Inventory Buffers add "in use time" to specific categories that are currently in your inventory. These buffers will be added in addition to to any Project-Level Buffers that you have set. 

For example, let's say you always need to include a 24 hour buffer for your tablecloths to ensure they are washed and dried.

First, click 'Edit Category Buffers'.

Next, add in any Pre or Post Event Buffers to your Inventory Sub-Categories.
Pre Event Buffers may include charging your speakers, folding and ironing your linen, or adding bulbs to your photo-booths.
Post Event Buffers may include washing and drying your napkins, dismantling your tables, or cleaning your tent toppers.

Finally, click 'Save'. 

PLEASE NOTE: This will trigger conflicts to be re-detected on all future projects containing those items, so you may see new conflicts be created on your future projects.

The great news is that if you require extra time before or after an event for these specific items, they will be marked as still "In Use", even if other items aren't in use yet can be checked back in.

Here's a visualization of adding an 24 hour post event buffer for just your linen.

For example, let's say you have a 12 hour pre and post project buffer on a project.
You also have an additional 12 hour pre event buffer to charge your lighting and a 24 hour post event buffer to wash your linen.
Here is what the "In Use" time will look on the project for all those items.

Here's how your inventory buffers will appear when conflicts are detected on a project.

Here's how your conflicts will look when you combine category and project buffers.

Want to add conflicts to your projects instead?
Learn more below.

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