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What are the accounting reports in my account?
What are the accounting reports in my account?

This article will list out the account reports that are built into Goodshuffle Pro.

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Check out your new reporting options:

  • Client Activity

  • Company Activity

  • Reports

    • Due Balances

    • Tax

The Client Activity Report will show you all payments received and recorded on your projects. Online and Offline payments will show in the Client Activity Report.

If you book a project for next year, you'll get the money recorded in your Client Activity Report and it'll be paid out to your bank.

  • Review and download your Client Activity Report here (Article)

The Company Activity Report will show you all funds that have been transferred to and from your financial account and external bank. These transfers can be comprised of several online payments, and the report shows which payments were included in which transfer.

  • Review and download your Company Activity Report here (Article)

The Due Balances Report is used to see all outstanding balances from your clients.

  • Review and download your Due Balances report here (Article)

**Your Due Balances report will not show a remaining balance that is not currently "Due". To view projects that have a remaining balance that is not currently "Due", you can view this article.**

Your Tax Report will show you a breakdown of your taxes. You're able to run an accrual-based report, where you can report on the date of the logistics start, or a cash-based report, where you report the date the payment was made.

  • You can generate and review your Tax Report here (Article)

To download any of these reports, head to the Finances tab and click Select on the report you would like to run.

Then, you can choose to run the report and download it. You will receive the report via email.

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