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What are Personalization Tokens?
What are Personalization Tokens?

Learn more about ways you can quickly customize your message templates.

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"Insert Personalization Token" is used while creating or editing Email templates. It's a placeholder for auto-inserting client information found in your Goodshuffle Pro account, allowing you to personalize messages with fields such as client's name, project name, project ID, sales lead, etc.

This information is then auto-populated when the message is sent for that particular client. This allows for ease in personalizing your messages to clients without having to insert this information each time.

To see an example of when to use Personalization Tokens, click here.

While creating a template, you can type # or click "Personalization Token" to see the list of available tokens to include:

  • ProjectName

  • ProjectID

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • BusinessName

  • SalesLead

  • DayOfContactName

  • DayOfContactPhoneNumber

  • EventType

  • AttendeesCount

  • PurchaseOrderNumber

  • EventStart

  • EventEnd

  • LogisticsStart

  • LogisticsEnd

  • QuoteExpirationDate

  • QuoteExpirationTime

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