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What is Quote Expiration?
What is Quote Expiration?
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Take control and stay organized when managing your events, jobs, or gigs with the powerful feature of Quote Expiration. You can choose which quotes to add an expiration by simply clicking the expiration clock at the top of your quote.

Event companies can't afford to waste time chasing clients who drag their feet on payments and signatures.

Quote Expiration in Goodshuffle Pro was specifically designed to help event companies solve this problem. You'll close deals faster with clients who mean business, and waste less time chasing clients who don't.

After setting a Quote Expiration date, you can customize the amount, type, and timing of email reminders to send to clients with unsigned quotes. You have the choice to send up to 3 emails before the quote expires.

You'll customize these settings on the left, and instantly see your choices reflected in the expiration timeline on the right. From the timeline, you can click to preview the email(s) that will be sent.

The content of the reminder email is also fully customizable — just like any other email sent through our Message Center.

From there, all of your email reminders will be sent automatically. You and your team can get back to the dozens of tasks on your plate, and Goodshuffle Pro will take care of chasing down signatures.

Now, you can effortlessly filter your project list by the date of Quote Expiration, ensuring that you stay on top of your commitments. This not only helps you get paid faster by creating a sense of urgency but also minimizes wasted time.

Want to learn more about how this feature works? Check out our Quote Expiration Collection.

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