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Why is my quote expiration invalid?
Why is my quote expiration invalid?

How to adjust your quote expiration timeline if it was set to expire after your logistics start.

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If your default quote expiration rules and schedule are set to end after the Logistics Start date of your project, you will see a "Quote Expiration Invalid" message. This may occur if someone is requesting a last minute booking, which wouldn't leave enough time for your default expiration schedule to finish.

You can edit the schedule by clicking on "Quote Expiration Invalid" and adjusting the timeline to end prior to the logistics start date.

As an example, the below project has a Logistics Drop-Off date scheduled for February 22nd. I am looking to send this quote on February 19th, but my default rules have quotes expiring 10 days after it is sent - that would this quote would initially expire after the event occurs.

To fix the Invalid Expiration, I could edit my expiration schedule to expire on a specific date before the Logistics Start date,

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