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What are Inventory Column Footers?
What are Inventory Column Footers?

Learn more about Column Footers and insights on Custom Columns, including sorting options.

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Located beneath each Custom Column on your Inventory page, Column Footers offer a quick way to view totals for all items in that specific column.

Note: Column Footers show the total for ALL items, rather than only the totals you're viewing on each inventory page.

The Column Footers will display totals based on the selected date filter. For example, say you want to know how much you earned within a given time. You can add the 'Gross Revenue' Custom Column to your inventory view and select a generic or specific date range.

You can also sort the 'Gross Revenue' Custom Column, using a date filter, to view the highest to least grossing revenue items. The total for an inventory item will be listed within the Custom Column, and the total of all items will be listed within the Column Footer.

While reviewing individual totals, you can gain insights into most Custom Columns by hovering over them. A tooltip will appear, providing detailed information about the meaning of the data within that column.

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