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What do the different status colors mean?

Learn what each project status means for Goodshuffle Pro.

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Goodshuffle Pro Projects

New: A yellow “New” project has yet to be sent to the client. This could be a wedding that’s months away, but you’ve already talked to the bride, and you want to start slowly building her project. It could also be a project you’re ready to send, but you're just waiting on one more answer from a client before you finalize and send it.

Quote Sent: The blue status indicates that the project is now in the hands of the client. If you send a contract through Goodshuffle Pro, the status will automatically change to this. If you send outside the system, or have them sign in person, you will need to manually mark the change in status.

Action Needed: The red status indicates that a formally signed contract has been altered and needs a new signature. This often happens when a client calls you up and asks to remove an item or add items from their project. Once you do so, Goodshuffle Pro will change the project to “Action Needed”, prompting you to re-send for a fresh signature.

Pro Tip: If you don’t get a new signature, you risk the client not remembering the changes they requested! We always recommend a new signature for any change.

Signed: The green status is our favorite- the project is signed and ready to rock!

Lost: You’ll change a project’s status to “Lost” if the client cancels. If a cancellation policy is applied that requires a fee, we recommend keeping this project open until paid in full. However, if no fee applies, you can archive these projects.

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