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Remember Valuable Information about Clients, Companies, or Venues
Remember Valuable Information about Clients, Companies, or Venues

How do I use the CRM tools to better manage my clients?

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You can add information about your clients, companies, or venues at any time. If you click on a contact (client, company, or venue) in a contract, the contact detail panel will appear. You can also manage all contacts under the “Contacts” tab. In the contact view panel, you’re able to add details such as their payment policy, their associated company or contact, or any internal notes you want to remember such as their personal preferences or even their child’s birthday.

You may also choose to upload files you’d like to associate with that contact such as their inspiration board, their tax exempt certificate, or your own COI, if they regularly request it. You can associate a file with the contact by either uploading within the File tab of the contact details, or by uploading in the “Files” tab and then tagging to that client, company, or venue. Any file associated with a contact will show up in “Suggested Files” when you build a project with that contact. You may also tag a file to multiple contacts.

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