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How messages work

Can I respond to a project message through my personal email? How do my sent messages appear to my clients?

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To access your messages with a client, select the messages icon within a project. This will take you to the Client Messages panel.

Click "Send Message" to begin drafting a message to your client. You can add additional recipients, such as a planner or the accounting department.

Below is how the client will receive your message. It will arrive in their normal email inbox at the address provided, appearing to be sent from your Company name.

The client can reply directly to that email and the response will be shown in your Project Chat. You will also receive a copy of the client's response through your provided email address where you will also be able to respond directly with the client. 

Our messages is basically an email organization tool that links the emails to certain clients and projects while allowing you to use your email normally as well!

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