When communicating with a client about a particular project, you’ll want to click on the Messages icon within that project. All messages sent within this tab will be sent to your client via email, and their responses will be delivered to you both via email and the messages tab. By communicating through this thread, you can always reference what has been said regarding this specific project. 

When you send a client a quote, you’ll be given a preview of the email that is being sent. While Goodshuffle Pro pre-populates the essential language, feel free to edit this communication should you want to add a personal note. All of this communication will also roll up to this messages tab.

To view your messages from all projects, click the Messages tab at the top of the program’s screen. Here you’ll see an email-like roll up of your messages broken out by project. Blue flags indicate unread messages. Any communication read or sent through this tab will also be visible within the individual project’s message screen. Note: You can only send a new message by clicking on the individual project view and sending from the Messages tab within the project.

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