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Create a Line Item Group on a Contract
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Creating a line item group allows you to:

  • Assign rentals to specific rooms or areas

  • Assign inventory for times/parts of the event (e.g. Ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, etc.)

  • Assign varying rental periods to inventory (e.g. A 3-day tent rental or a 1-day lounge rental)

Click the “Add” button to add a line item group. 

Add in the name of the group, and the rental period. 

Note: Rental costs are determined based on the dates assigned in line item groups, but inventory availability conflicts are calculated based off the Logistics (e.g. delivery). To charge a client for only one day of rentals, set the rental period for the day you’re charging for (e.g. Saturday), and in the Logistics section assign the dates that the inventory is going out and when it is being returned, (e.g. Friday delivery/setup and Monday return), to avoid overbooking. 

For extended rental periods of a week or more, rental costs are calculated at the weekly rate and the daily rate, if both are specified for the inventory item. For example if a weekly and daily rate are specified for a tent, and the tent is rented for 9 days, the rate charged would be the weekly rate, plus the daily rate twice, for a total of 9 days.

Click “Save Dates” to create the line item group.

Click the “Add” button to begin adding inventory to the group.

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