How to Add & Manage Team Members on Projects

Add Sales and Crew Users to projects to encourage communication and collaboration on every event. Then, assign them tasks & send messages.

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Click on the “Team” button in the top right hand corner of a project to view the team assigned to the project. Additional team members can also be added here.

Here you’ll be able to see Sales Users and Crew Users, and add new users to the project. 

Full User - a Sales User is usually involved in the sales process of a project. This person has access to all aspects of the project, and can make advanced changes.

Limited User- a Crew User is a team member that will help with fulfillment of the project, but does not have access to the Contract or Billing features of the project.

Once you’ve added a user/team member to collaborate on the project, you can send them messages and assign them tasks. 

Messages - Send a message to a team member by clicking the “Messages” button located to the right of the Team and Tasks buttons in the project dashboard. Team messages are only visible to team members assigned to the project.

Tasks - Assign a task to a team member by clicking the “Tasks” button, to the right of the Team Button. 

A new panel will open, allowing you to manage/add tasks. Click the “Add” button in the upper right-hand corner to Add a task, or click the blue “Add” button in the center of the screen. The other two features in the top right corner allow you to hide/unhide completed tasks and get more information about assigning tasks.

Once you’ve clicked “Add”,  enter the details of the task, who the task is assigned to, and the due date, then click “Save” to save and assign the task.

Tasks assigned to team members will display in both in the project task dashboard, and in their tasks dashboard. 

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