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Accepting ACH/E-Check PaymentsTransfers
Accepting ACH/E-Check PaymentsTransfers

This explains the Transfer delays associated with ACH/E-Check payments, and what to expect when a payment is 'Pending'.

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ACH payments workflow

ACH payments take up to 5 business days to receive acknowledgment of their success or failure:

  • When created, ACH charges will have the initial status of pending that is reflected in the Billing section of a project

  • During the next 4 business days, the payment will either transition to succeeded or failed depending on your clients' bank.

  • Successful/Confirmed ACH payments will then be scheduled for automatic Outbound Transfer.

  • Your client will see the payment reflected on their bank statement 1-2 days after creating the charge. (Your customer will know the payment succeeded before the bank notifies Stripe.)

Failures can happen for a number of reasons such as: insufficient funds, a bad account number, or the customer disabled debits from their bank account.

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