There are 2 ways to charge a client for a damaged item:

 *When it comes to charging for damages, one of the best ways to protect against disputes is to ensure you have the client's signature on a project with your damage terms clearly listed.*

1) Add the damage costs to the contact for the client to pay: 

Begin by editing the existing contract and create a new line item group called "Fees & Services", for example, and put a "Damaged Item" custom line item. Then, re-mark it as signed and click Send to client that will send them an updated contract/invoice showing the amount due.  They'd see the same online payment screen they've already seen and it's obvious what's owed and how to submit payment.

You can quickly add a description and drag and drop any photos into this custom item with proof of the damages.

2) Making the charge on behalf of the client:

Edit the existing contract to add the line item (as in option 1), mark as signed

Next go to the Billing tab and click Capture Payment.  You will see a drop down showing you any previously charged cards on that project and you can process the charge yourself. 

 Caution though that charging cards without explicit authorization, or at least contractual language giving you the right to do so may make you vulnerable to a charge back (which we charge a $25 fee for per occurrence but we've had happen very rarely).

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