How to charge a client for a damaged item

The best ways vendors could resolve damaged items use-cases

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There are 2 ways to charge a client for a damaged item:

 *When it comes to charging for damages, one of the best ways to protect against disputes is to ensure you have the client's signature on a project with your damage terms clearly listed.*

1) Add the damage costs to the contract for the client to pay: 

Begin by editing the existing contract and create a new line item group called "Fees & Services", for example, and put a "Damaged Item" Service Line Item or custom line item. Then, re-mark it as signed and click Send to client to send them an updated contract/invoice showing the amount due. They'd see the same online payment screen they've already seen and it's obvious what's owed and how to submit payment.

You can quickly add a description and drag and drop any photos into this custom item with proof of the damages.

2) Making the charge on behalf of the client:

Edit the existing contract to add the line item (as in option 1), mark as signed

Next go to the Billing tab and click Capture Payment.  You will see a drop down showing you any previously charged cards on that project and you can process the charge yourself.

​Caution: charging cards without explicit authorization or at least contractual language giving you the right to do so may make you vulnerable to a chargeback (Stripe charges a $15 fee for per occurrence).

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