How to open / close Fulfillment

How to indicate that the Fulfillment stages of a project have been completed.

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Since the fulfillment phase for each company differs slightly, we’ve introduced a quick and easy way to tell whether or not you’re still working on it. The intent is that when fulfillment is ‘Open’ you (and your team) are still working and when fulfillment is ‘Closed’ you’re done working on it. These two status do not have any bearing on what happens to items, messages, team members, etc… it’s as simple as being  ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’. 

To change the status, just navigate to the project in question and visit the fulfillment tab. Then use the drop down arrow next to the current status and select the new status. Here’s a quick demo:

You can also expose this status on your project list by adding the ‘Fulfillment Status’ column.

If you'd like to move a project out of your immediate view, you may want to archive the project. The purpose of closing Fulfillment is simply to indicate that all necessary fulfillment workflows are completed. However, it's quite possible that there are still billing matters or tasks to complete before you choose to archive. 

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