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How can I create a delivery route for my drivers based on truck assignments?
How can I create a delivery route for my drivers based on truck assignments?

Here's how full and limited users can create a truck route for your deliveries using Google Maps.

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First, on your project page select all of your 'signed' contracts so you only route confirmed events.

Then, filter your events by a particular date on the left hand side of your screen and sort your list by 'Fulfillment Notes' where you can track your truck assignments. 

Next, select the route directions button in the top, right-hand corner from the menu of icons that pops up in the yellow bar. 

That will open a new screen that opens a recommended route via Google maps. Google creates the route based on the following criteria:

  1. Google looks at the addresses Goodshuffle Pro provided, and quickly geocodes (identifies the latitude and longitude coordinates), before plotting the markers on the map.

  2. Google will then single out all of the possible road segments in between the points on the map.

  3. It scores those road segments based on factors like the shortest distance, the length of connecting road segments, and the traffic conditions at the time of the day.

  4. It returns you the highest scoring route, and displays the route on the page.

From this screen, you can reorder the stops to re-order the route if you want to override what Google provides and/or send the saved directions to your phone.

Watch a real example, here:

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