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How can I download a sales report by a teammate or sales lead?
How can I download a sales report by a teammate or sales lead?

Create sales reports per teammate to see how they’re doing base on net paid, contract totals, and the remaining balance

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To create a sales report to see how a particular teammate or sales lead is performing, navigate to your Project List and then select your teammate from the “Team” section. You can also select dates (or specific dates) if you’re looking at a particular time frame.

Next, make sure you have your “Contract Total,” “Net Paid,” and/or “Amount Due” visible in your Custom Columns.

Finally, “Bulk Download” the projects.

Select the “Project List - Selected Columns” and whichever other reports you’d like. Click “Email File.”

You can also see a quick report filtered by the Sales Lead from your Dashboard.

The Finances Tab will also show you how a Sales Team member (Full User) can see the number of Payments received from a certain date range. They can also track their progress against the previous period.

Watch the quick video below to learn more about how your Sales and Management team can use the Finances sections to download a sales report.

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