Can I customize the Wishlist "Cart" name and Notes text?

How do I customize the Cart text and Notes text on my Wishlist?

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Features available on version 0.5.2 of the Wishlist or later

You can customize the name of your Wishlist “Cart” that site visitors see when checking out using the <gpsro-wishlist-config> wishlist-alias option. This is done by adding wishlist-alias="Your Cart" to your config element. In this case, the Wishlist submission panel will be named Your Cart.

You can add a label below the "Notes" field on your Wishlist cart by using the <gpsro-wishlist-config> notes-help-text option. This is done by adding notes-help-text="Whatever Notes You Like!" to the config element.

The full code snippet from the examples above is shown below (don't forget to adjust your public browser key!).

notes-help-text="Tell us how you heard about us!"
wishlist-alias="Your Cart"

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