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How can I create a Monthly Billing Statement for a Client?
How can I create a Monthly Billing Statement for a Client?

Use the Projects List to generate a Monthly Billing Statement for a Client.

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Full Users can use the Projects List to quickly view and create a Monthly Billing Statement for a client.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Add the Custom Columns 'Amount Due' and 'Remaining Balance' to your Projects List View, click 'Update Columns', and then place these columns beside each other for ease of view

    1. 'Amount Due' refers to funds actively due right now on signed projects (this includes Deposits or Net Payments), i.e., these clients owe money today

    2. 'Remaining Balance' refers to what is currently due, including what amount may be due in the future in any project status

    3. Hover your mouse over the top of either Custom Column to view the total

  2. Select 'Contract Signed' and 'Action Needed' statuses to view totals for all contracts with a signature.

  3. Filter by 'Specific Dates' to view signed contracts within a given month

  4. Type in the client's name in the 'Client' search field

  5. Select all projects

  6. Download this Projects List as 'Projects List -Visible Columns' Excel sheet

  7. Sum the 'Remaining Balance' column within the Excel sheet

    1. If you're using 'Numbers', you might have to select the circular icon featuring two green lines positioned at the bottom left corner of the rows to generate a new row for summing this data

Pro tip: Add the Custom Columns 'Billing Status', 'Net Paid', and 'Contract Total' and place them beside each other to make it easier to view all results.

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