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How do I see which projects are using a tent (or any other specific item)?
How do I see which projects are using a tent (or any other specific item)?
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Need to know which projects used a tent in the past year -- or which will need tents in the next 6 months? While it’s not currently possible to search for items by name within projects on Goodshuffle Pro, there is a relatively easy way to still find this information.

First, you’ll want to go to your projects tab. From there, add your date range to your Project List. You can select one of the default date ranges via the drop down menu, or use your own specific dates by clicking the “Specific Dates” option.

Next, you’ll select the ‘Custom Columns’ button (it’s the circle with the three rectangles inside on the upper right-hand side of your screen), select the ‘Fulfillment’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Line Items (Top Level Only)’ to add it to your Project List.

This will show your line items for your projects, but will leave out all the items within packages. (If you need to see all of the items within your packages as well, just select ‘Line Items’ instead.)

Now you are ready to download your Project List (Article). You'll want to select all of the items now active on your Project List by clicking the check box next to the ‘Project Name’ column header. Next, select the ‘Bulk Download’ button. Check the box for ‘Project List - Selected Columns’ and then click the ‘Email Files’ button.

This will send you an email containing a searchable Excel file that has your date range and selected Custom Columns. You can now search (command+F for Mac, control+F for PC; or create a Filter) to find all projects with 'Tents' in the Line Item column.

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