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How do I show clients any optional items with pricing?
How do I show clients any optional items with pricing?
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If you regularly find yourself offeringing the same optional items to many of your client invoices, we have a solution to speed up the process! This involves creating a package with your frequently offered optional items, with some modifications.

First, you’ll want to create an empty package (we named ours “Optional Items”), add all of those optional items under the ‘Accessories’ tab, and check the box to make the ‘Required.’ Then set the quantity for each item to 0.

Then, when you add the ‘Optional Items’ package to an order, each optional item will already be broken out without a cost applied. Said another way, because the quantity is set to 0, it will not add anything to the client’s order but will still display the prices.

And here's what your client will see:

Should your client want to add one of these options, simply change the quantity from 0 to 1 and that item will be added to the invoice!

This method is more straightforward for the clients, as they can see the optional items alongside the rest of the items in their order with the price attached. Plus, they’re a breeze to add to the invoice when a client decides to include them with their order!

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