How can I bulk delete projects on my account?

Here's how you can bulk delete on your account.

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Need to clear some draft New or Quote Sent Projects off of your Project List?

You can Bulk Delete those projects.


If the projects are completed or in the past, Archive those projects instead of deleting them. (Article W. Video)

Cancelled Projects should be marked as Lost. (Article w. Video)

It is only possible to delete:

  • New or Quote Sent Projects.

  • Projects (new or quote sent) with No Payments

Deleting projects is a permanent action.

First, from your Project List, select the projects you'd like to delete by clicking the 'Checkboxes' next to those projects.

Then, click 'Bulk Delete' in the top right.

Next, confirm you'd like to delete those projects.

Finally, those projects will be permanently deleted.

Bulk Deleting projects make take a moment or two to remove them from your account.

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