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How can I schedule my team using Goodshuffle Pro?
How can I schedule my team using Goodshuffle Pro?

Here are a few quick tips on how to schedule your team using Goodshuffle Pro

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How can I keep track of who needs to be at an event and when?

Any items or services that you add at an hourly rate will be listed on the Hourly Schedule.

How can I track my employee's bookings?

Adding your employees as 'inventory items' will help you track both their usage on your projects, revenue, and notify you if they're ever over-booked.

How can I notify my team that they're on a job?

If you want your crew to know they're responsible to a part of a job, you can add them as Crew Users to your account and add them to the project. You can then assign them tasks, communicate in chat, and get their help prepping for an event.

You can also share the Google Calendar event with them, so they have the event on their personal calendar.

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