If you rent out your dinnerware, flatware, or drinkware in sets, you'll want to set them up in a Package.

Let's say you rent Dinner Plates in sets of 12. First, be sure to enter the plates and their quantities into your inventory. As a best practice, we suggest using "Batch Add".

Once you have your plates, create a new package. You will assign a name, and category, and decide how you want to price the set.

Once you are ready to add the 'Contents' and set your quantity to equal the number of items per set.

The result - your 'Package' will populate with the 12 plates per package on your contract. You can choose to show or hide the contents of the package for your client.

Finally, your pull sheets will indicate to you and/or your team that they should be grabbing a total of 24 plates. As a best practice, you can include notes about how the plates or other dinnerware should be wrapped, stacked, or cleaned.

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