Email Deliverability Best Practices

Here are best practices to avoid spam filters to ensure emails are delivered to your clients.

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First, use a real first and last name for your Goodshuffle Pro profile (instead of a company name). The use of a real name can help spam filters distinguish your email from one that may be marked as promotional. You can learn more about updating the name on your personal profile here.

Next, avoid listing out a catalog of products and prices in the body of your emails as the number of special characters such as - $, %, etc. can also trigger spam filters.

To ensure you can save time on getting a quote back out to your client, include a link to your website with our Website Wishlist Integration in your email signature or attach a PDF of those additional offerings in your email template.

We strongly advise prompting your clients to review their spam folder if the email isn't found in their Inbox.

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