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How can I setup and install the Website Integration?
Four easy things you should do before installing the Website Integration.
Four easy things you should do before installing the Website Integration.

Note: First, you’ll want to purchase the integration in your Goodshuffle Pro account!

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Getting started with Goodshuffle Pro’s Website integration is quick and easy. Not everything in your inventory has to be *perfect* for the integration to start enjoying its benefits. Here’s what we recommend doing after you’ve purchased the website integration, but before installing it on your site:

  1. Choose which items you actually want to show: There are items that you want your customers to see - tables/chairs, DJ packages, tents, and decor items - and items that aren’t really for rent but in your inventory - like cords, cables, and tools. You can choose on each individual item whether or not items appear on your website.

  2. Keep internal information internal: If there are any attributes that you track for internal purposes like purchase price, source, etc. then you wouldn’t necessarily want your clients to see that information on their contracts. Quickly browse the attributes on your inventory items to make sure the appropriate ones are set to ‘internal’.

  3. Add a few general packages to make your shopping experience easy on your client: Sometimes customers don’t know what they want. Make the shopping experience easy on them by packaging your items together. Some ideas:

  4. Make sure your most popular items have photos: Photographing all your inventory isn’t necessary to successfully utilize the website integration! We suggest starting with your most popular or highest revenue earning items. (Not sure which items those are? Check out your leaderboard!). No way to take your own photos? Might we suggest checking out your wholesaler’s website for stock images!?

Here's a short video showing you just how to set-up your items, and how they'll translate to your website:

After you’ve made a few tweaks, you’re ready to install the plugin to your website! You can do it yourself, or tap in one of our developers to help you for a small fee. We recommend getting started here, and reaching out to us if you still need more help!

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