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Website Integration FAQs
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How can I purchase the Website Integration? (Article)

What's the difference between an Item Gallery and an Item List? (Article)

How can I get started with the Website Integration? (Article)

Where can I find my Public Browser Key? (Article)

Where do I see a Wishlist that has been submitted? (Article)

How can I change the email the receives Wishlist submissions? (Article)

Why are my images cut off? (Article)

Why isn't an item showing on my Wishlist? (Article)

Why are my Wishlist items "Temporarily Unavailable"? (Article)

How can I show just my chairs on a page? (Article)

How can I show just my items tagged with 'Deluxe' on a page? (Article)

How do Packages show on my Wishlist? (Article)

How do Accessories show on my Wishlist? (Article)

How can I get quantities to show? (Article)

How do I hide prices on my wishlist? (Article)

How can I customize the icons on my website? (Article)

Which platforms work with the Wishlist? (Article)

How does the Website Integration impact SEO? (Article)

What steps can I take to perfect my Wishlist Integration? (Article)

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