How can I reschedule an order?

Here's how you can reschedule an event.

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****Please note - the below video showcases manually changing each date for your projects when duplicating/rescheduling your events. You're able to change all dates on a project when duplicating (Article) or when making adjustments to a project (Article) *****

If a project needs to be rescheduled due to the Corona Virus restrictions, but you want to apply their deposit to the new order, first mark an Offline Refund (Learn More) on the original project and add in notes to the refund "COVID" (or something similar).

Then, mark that project as Lost. (Learn More)

Next, duplicate the project and move the dates some time in the future. (Learn More)

After, Apply an Offline Payment on duplicate. (Learn More)

For now, leave the duplicate in a 'new project' state (so you know to take action on it and find a rescheduled time). You can also sort projects by New to quickly find these projects. (Learn More)

Add task to check in with the client at some point in the future. (Learn More)

As a best practice, you can include a Task Custom Column to see projects with open tasks. (Learn More)

Then, add an 'Internal Note' to this project with whatever label makes most sense for you and your team 'Rescheduled', 'Postponed', etc. (Click Here).

This way you can easily sort and filter your projects by their Internal Notes (Click Here).

Finally, if you need to include any other rescheduling fees to this project, create a service in your inventory (Click Here) so you can learn more about that service's usage.

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