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Payments on Projects
How can my client pay for the entire amount of a service on a project?
Will payment authorizations complete on lost projects?
Will I receive an email when my client selects to auto-pay on a project?
Why can't I refund an old ACH payment?
How can I charge my client for the entire balance of project?
Best Practices to Avoid Disputes
What's the difference between an Online and and Offline payment?
How can I find the status of an Outbound Transfer?
Why does my client have to pay the entire balance now if I have a deposit and remainder due 7 days before the event?
How can I capture a payment without passing on the fees?
Why is a project not showing up as 'Due'?
What is the estimated time frame for a refund to process and how long does it take for the customer to receive it?
How can I make sure my client is paying Stripe's fees on my projects?
How can my client split a payment between two credit cards?
Will my client's auto-pay authorization change if I add items to the project?
How can I tell how much I paid for Stripe's fees on a payment?
Will my client's auto-pay authorization change if I remove items from the project?
How will Stripe's processing and transfer fees be deducted from my outbound transfers?
When can I expect an Outbound Transfer (f.k.a. Payout) for a payment made on a project?
How can I print a record of payments for a project?
How can I tell if a payment on a project has been deposited?
Are there additional fees for refunds?
Where can I see how much a client has paid on my projects, contracts, and invoices?
How can I add a Credit Card Authorization form to my projects?