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Billing and Accounting
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How can I pass only Credit Card or ACH fees?
How many cards can I use on a single project?
What credit cards are accepted in Goodshuffle Pro?
How can I link my bank using my account and routing numbers?

How can I see the amount of fees when capturing a payment?
What would my client see on their statement after a charge is made?
How will my international clients see totals and pay their balances through Goodshuffle Pro?
Will Payment Authorizations complete if I deactivate my account?
Will my client be notified of failed payments?
When will a Payment Authorization capture funds on a project with a due balance?
When will Payment Due Reminders send?
What does the online payment successful email look like?
How to I collect payment using a previously used method?
How To Check Your Company's Financial Status
If I record a payment, will the client receive a copy of the receipt?
How can I handle payments for my projects?
Send An Invoice To A Client
What will my client see when paying via Cash or Check?
What happens when a payment fails?
What does my client see when paying through ACH?
How can I mark a check as 'Bounced' or 'Voided'?
How can I edit or remove an offline payment?
How can I charge a client's card I have 'on-file'?
How can my clients save a card they used for payment?
How can I notify my client when recording Offline Payments?
How can I remove or edit offline payments?
How can I keep a customer's card 'on-file'?
How can I record a payment via Account Credit?
How can I cancel or remove a pre-authorized payment?
How can I record a payment by a credit card I processed myself?
How can I record a payment via cash?
How can I record a payment via check?
How do I send a payment reminder?
How do I see if a client chose auto-pay as their payment method?
How to split up a project's payment between multiple payment methods
Where are the details of a payment?
How to change my payment options
Capturing a payment via Auto-Pay
Changing the Deposit Amount in a Contract
What does the billing look like for the client?
Purchase Order Numbers Projects
Why is there an outstanding balance or credit after a completed and paid contract?
Recording Offline Payments
Track A Project’s Billing Status
Capture a Payment
Accepting ACH/E-Check Payments/Transfers
Saved and Previously Used Credit Cards
Collect Payment Over the Phone or In Person
How can I see all payments received in a day?
Collect a Client's Payment Online via Live Link Contract Billing
What happens when an ACH payment fails?
What are the fees for Buy Now, Pay Later?